Announcing 2018 Swim Season at 2nd Family Dogs

To Our 2nd Families,

We are happy to announce the pool will be open soon for the 2018 Swim Season!  We plan to open the pool on March 10th to kick off Spring Break.  This will, however, depend on the weather.

The pool process will be a little different this year.  Instead of opting out, you will opt in for your pup to swim.  There will be a low one-time seasonal cost of $20 for a one dog family or $30 for a multi-dog (two or more) family.  This cost will cover the entire swim season of approximately March – September.

You will no longer need to sign a “No Swim” document.  Instead, if you WANT your dog to swim you will let our Front Desk know, purchase a swim pass and you will receive a Swim Pass Tag for your dog’s collar.  The tag should remain on the collar throughout the swim season.  If you need a replacement be sure to notify the Front Desk. You can buy your Swim Pass starting today to be ready for the pool opening in mid-March.

We plan to have the pool open daily for several hours.  Some factors may alter the time and days of the openings such as inclement weather and routine pool maintenance.  In general, the warmer it gets the more opportunities there will be to swim. Any dogs with our Swim Pass Tags will have access to the big pool.  Also, our smaller wade pools will still be available to everyone.

Please be aware that some dogs are not good swimmers by nature. If you own one of these breeds of dogs, you probably already know this, but there are some dogs that are just not built for swimming.  Of course, owners should be careful even if their dog is not on this list in case there are more breeds that we are not aware of.   The characteristics of dogs that are not suited for swimming include dogs with short nose or flat face, dense body with large barrel chest but short legs.  These dogs have trouble breathing and staying afloat and are much better suited to our small wading pools which have only a few inches of water.

Dog breeds that don’t swim well, even swim at all or should not swim include (there may be others):

Basset Hound

Bull Terrier

Chow Chow



English Bulldog


French Bulldog



Thank you for taking the time to read through our new process. We are excited for our Swim Season to get started!

The Pups Check Out the New Turf!

We just wanted to make sure everyone is aware that the fence and the turf are both complete. Everything looks wonderful and the dogs are enjoying it!  So, we are now back to business as usual and regular capacity. Thank you for everyone's help during these upgrades.

We thank ForeverLawn for a top notch job installing our high quality K9 turf.  We look forward to this lasting a long time for our pups.

2017 New Fence Install Progress

2017 Grooming Show

Our Award Winning Grooming Team had a blast at the 2017 Grooming Show! Thank you to Jesskay, our Salon Manager, and her awesome team for leading us into the 2017 Best Pet Grooming Award!

Best of McKinney 2017!

2nd Family Dogs has been awarded Best Dog Kennel and Best Pet Groomer for 2017!!!

Your confidence means so much to us. We strive to exceed your expectations in all areas - from friendliness to staff training to facility upgrades. Thank you for voting! We are truly thankful for your customer loyalty!

Summer Fun 2017 - Pool is Up and in Full Use!

Our New Pool Will Open Very Soon!

The pool construction is complete; we just need to finish staining the deck. So, once we have a few days of consistently dry weather we will have the pool open.

Some of our customers do not want their pups to have access to the big pool.  So, once the pool opens we will have bright pink “No Swim” tags available in the front lobby.  If you do not want your dog to swim, we will ask that you get your pink tag from the front desk and attach to your pup’s collar.  We ask that you keep the pink tag for reuse.

Any dogs with our pink “No Swim” tags will not have access to the big pool.  However, our smaller pools will still be available to everyone.

We are so excited for the fun the dogs will have swimming!!!

2nd Family Dogs Wins MCKINNEYONLINE.COM 2016 Best Kennel/Pet Resort

Executive Director, Lindsey Glover, accepts award at Chamber of Commerce.

2016 Facility Enhancements To Remain The Best Place For Your Dogs

Dear 2nd Families: Our goal is to ensure that we remain the best place for your dogs. We add enhancements to our facility every year. We'd like to show you images of our 2016 enhancements!

New shade pavilion of 18 feet by 18 feet.

2 shade umbrellas that are 18 feet each.

Several new misting systems to keep the pups cool.

Separated play areas to alllow us to put dogs in 4 play groups: big dogs, small dogs.

Tiny-frail-elderly dog area and physically impaired big dog area.

We have saved the most exciting news for last --- we have always had plenty of small pools for the dogs to cool off in, but we are now in the process of building an area to put in a pool that will be 27 feet long, 12 feet wide and 4 feet deep!

Construction in progress.

Fun to come!

The pool will be fenced separately from the rest of the play areas. While the large pool will be used primarily for the medium/big dogs, we will also have some separate times for the little ones who enjoy swimming as well.

We will post some photos of the progress with the pool every now and then. Our goal is to complete the project by the end of January and have it ready for the spring season next year.

It is our pleasure to continue to provide your precious pets with a great place to stay and play!

Daycare Customers Who Bring in Lunches for Your Kids!


Dear Daycare Customers Who Bring in Lunches for your kids!!

We are asking for your help to avoid bringing in lunches for daycare dogs unless it is really necessary.

We don't have enough kennels when boarding is full during the summer to kennel dogs at lunch time so they can eat alone.  I know some of you may really need to bring lunch but if it can be avoided at all we would appreciate it.  If your vet feels it is best for your dog to have lunch, then we will do our best. 

The normal recommendations for feeding dogs is:

Puppies need more meals throughout the day and 3-5 meals would be the average practice for puppies up to 3 months of age and then from 3 to 6 months of age generally 3 meals a day is customary. 

•Traditionally it is recommended that dogs older than 6 months of age be fed once or twice a day.  

•For large breeds either once or twice a day and for small breeds twice a day because the smaller breeds eat less per feeding. 

At our facility, we feed the dogs breakfast and dinner unless the owner has a different preference. We find the dogs seem to sleep better with some dinner and need breakfast to get through the energy they use in social play during the day. 

If you are able to manage your dogs schedule without bringing lunches in for daycare, it will really help!

Thank you!


Double the Shade!!! Construction Completed on Our New Shade Structure & Misters

Hi 2nd Families! Our Big Dog Outside Yard construction is complete! Thank you for your patience! Hope you are as excited as we are with our new shade structure and new misters! The pups are already out in the yards enjoying and benefiting from the new amenities! We've doubled the shade for our dear pups! (Last picture is from our rooftop webcam).

Big Dog Outside Yard Closed June 15 & 16 for Installation of New Shade Structure and Misters

UPDATE 6-11-16


We are very pleased to let you know we are adding a NEW SHADE STRUCTURE equipped with a MISTING SYSTEM to help keep your pups cooler in the hot summer months.  The 18' by 18' shade structure will be installed on the big dog.  We will then move several of the portable umbrellas to the small dog side.  Along with adding additional misters to the awnings on the both the big and small dog side, we will have plenty of shade and misting for everyone.  It is our commitment to you that we will continue to make improvements to make your dog's stay or play with us the best that it can be. 


Unfortunately, during the installation of this new shade structure, we will have to close the big dog outside yard for two days this week.  This means that we will be unable to accept any dogs for daycare on these days so that we can complete this work.  If you already have a reservation for daycare on these days, we will accept your dog but will not be able to accept any more reservations for daycare dogs for June 15 and 16.  We are sorry for the inconvenience but hope that you will see we are making improvements for the benefit of the pups we care for. 

Daycare will be closed for all dogs that don't already have a daycare reservation for Wednesday, June 15 and Thursday, June 16.

Reservations For Daycare Required For All Days During Summer Months

UPDATE 6-10-16

I know this is a big inconvenience for everyone but we have to limit the number of daycare dogs.  So, now rather than making reservations only for Fridays, please make them for all days during the Summer.

The nature of this business is that once Summer starts, we get full with boarding dogs which limits the number of daycare dogs we can safely handle.  Then, once school starts again in the Fall, our boarding goes down and daycare goes up. 

We don’t like to have to set a daycare limit but we need to be able to safely care for your dogs with enough space so that they don’t get crowded and start fights.

Thank you for bringing your dogs to us, we appreciate your allowing us to care for them.

Time for De-Shedding Treatments!

It's that time of year again for your pups to come in for their de-shedding
treatments.  This little girl got a de-shedding furminator treatment with a
light trim up all over. Better to leave that fur in our salon than on your
floors and furniture!  Call us at 469-854-6380 to schedule an appointment!

Spring Grooming Special - Valid Until May 20th

Hello 2nd Families!  Announcing our 15% off grooming plus a free teeth brushing.  Offer is valid until May 20th.  Just mention our "Spring Grooming Special" when you make your reservation!  

A Few Announcements for Our Customers

We have a few important announcements for our customers!  If you’re slammed right now, just scan these topics for what you may need!  See further details below.
Posted 4-17-16

  • Special Handling Requests – We can no longer accept these requests – thank you for your understanding. 
  • Grooming Appointments – Credit card on file now required for reservation; if you must cancel, please let us know the day before to avoid a "no show" fee.
  • Doggy Belongings – Please limit what toys you bring in with your dog!
  • Vaccination Reminder – Take care that your vaccinations and records for your dog(s) are kept current with 2nd Family Dogs.
  • Daycare Name Tags – For our frequent daycare customers, keep your Yellow Name Tags on, if possible.

Special Handling Requests
We regret to announce that we are no longer able to accept requests for "special handling" for your dog.  This option was formerly available for dogs not spayed or neutered by the age of 6 1/2 months and for dogs whose owners wanted them separated from the rest of the dogs either because they were dog aggressive or because they did not wish their dogs to be among the pack.  We are no longer able to offer this option due to space constraints.  We know this applies only to a small percentage of our dog families but we have found we are unable to continue to offer separate space for special handling requests. 

Grooming Appointments
Due to the high volume of “no shows” for grooming appointments, we require a credit card on file to take your grooming reservation. In the event you are unable to keep your appointment but don’t cancel your reservation the day before, you will be charged a $15 “no show” fee.  If you need to cancel, please call the front desk during business hours and cancel the DAY BEFORE your appointment prior to the lobby closing.  The lobby closes at 7pm Monday-Friday and 5pm on Saturday and Sunday. This no show fee is given to the groomer because they work on commission and lose the opportunity to groom another dog if you don’t cancel your appointment ahead of time.  We appreciate your understanding.

Doggie Belongings
We do our best to return all items you bring in for your dog but it is difficult in the fast-paced daily activity of moving dogs in and out and sanitizing kennels each day.  If possible, we would like you to minimize what you bring for your dog's boarding stay.  We provide beds and blankets for everyone.  The toys are really never needed because the dogs are always too exhausted to play with toys in their kennels.  We know you may want your dog to have things from home and that is fine but please limit what you bring.  Please understand that items may be lost and not returned and we don't accept responsibility for lost items.

Vaccination Reminder
For the health and safety of all dogs, we require your dog to be current on vaccinations.  This protects your dogs and our staff.  We require Rabies and Distemper to be current and up-to- date vaccinations records need to be provided.  We require the Bordetella vaccine be administered every six months.  Please take care to keep all vaccinations current.  We are unable to admit dogs with expired vaccinations.  If you bring your dog during the week and the vaccination is expired, you will need to take your dog to the vet and get the update. Alternatively, we can take your dog to our vet for the update in which case the cost of the vet visit and vaccination will be charged to you plus a $25 fee for our time to transport your dog to and from the vet.  We are unable to offer this service on weekends because vets are generally closed.  It's important to maintain current vaccinations for Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella.

Daycare Name Tags
For our very frequent daycare customers, we kindly ask you to leave the yellow daycare name tag on your dog, if possible.  This will help speed up our check-in process at drop off time.  We are growing and the name tags really help our new dog handlers quickly get to know everyone. If you prefer not to leave the tag on --- that’s fine --- we can update the tags each visit.

Reservations Planning + Koa is Ready For A Home

Friendly Reminder About Reservations During Summer Months

As you plan your vacations, Fourth of July travel, college campus visits this summer and you will need to board your dog … please be sure to make your 2nd Family Dogs reservation about 2 to 3 months in advance!  We usually fill up 2 months ahead of time during the summer months and we don’t want you to miss out.  We want to be sure we have room for all of our wonderful regular pups!

Looking For A Home For Koa

We are still looking for a home for Koa.  Koa is with us waiting for someone to adopt him.  He is about 7 months old, a pit bull, has been abused in the past.  We found him on the streets and he was full of lacerations, ticks, fleas and worms.  We have had him neutered, surgery for all of his wounds, all ailments treated and resolved and he is micro chipped.  He is sweet and cuddly and just wants to be held by people.  He has had some issues with other dogs and cats (probably because he was so badly hurt when he was a little guy) but we are working with him to get him to calm down and play better with other dogs.  Koa is a sweet guy who needs a home. 

Koa is caught up on all medical and vaccinations and ready for a new home!  Any dog adopted from 2nd Family Dogs receives free daycare for life.  This means when you take Koa home, you don’t incur costs to let him come play at 2nd Family Dogs going forward. 

If you or someone you know has room in heart and home for Koa, please contact:


Our New App, Special Deal and more news ...

Hello 2nd Family Families!

Our New App is Here!

We have some exciting news.  2nd Family Dogs has built an app for your smart phones and tablets.  This is a FREE application that you can download from The App Store or Google Play for iPhones, iPads and Android.  Just search for "2nd Family Dogs" or navigate to the “Download Our App” tab right here on our mobile site.

The app features a greatly improved free webcam experience to watch your dogs while they are at 2nd Family.  In addition, once your dog is enrolled with us, you can easily make reservations for boarding, daycare and grooming from the app.

App Post Notifications/Messages

One very useful feature of the app is our “Post Notifications/Messages” capability.  We will begin using the app to send important messages to our K9 parents about events, specials and relevant communication that will benefit you and your dog.  You will need to accept to receive notifications AND check to be sure that your "notification" setting is turned on for this type of message.  On most smartphones, you can also select the “type of message alert” you prefer to receive (e.g. banner or full text alert).

We hope that all of our customers will download the app so that alerts or other information we need to send to you can be communicated quickly and efficiently.  The App will be our way to communicate with you in the future for all notices and special deals

The special deal for today's announcement is:

Download our app to your smartphone and receive $10 off your next daycare visit.  Just show the front desk your phone with our app to qualify.  This is a one-time offer for $10 off your next daycare visit.  Limit is one discount per customer family/account.


We are fully booked for spring break now but accepting requests for the wait list when cancellations occur.  During peak busy times such as spring break, holidays and summer when many people are away, our dog population in boarding is usually full.  For the safety of all dogs, we need to avoid overcrowding.  This means we often have to limit the number of daycare dogs we can accept during peak times.  We don't want to turn anyone away but it is necessary when we reach capacity in order to have enough space to avoid overcrowding.  Please request reservations for daycare during these peak times.  In order to make a reservation for daycare you will need to have a credit card on file or a daycare pass that we can use.  Reservations that are not cancelled 24 hours in advance will be subject to a no-show fee of $15.  This policy will help minimize no-shows so that we can accept other dogs that wish to attend daycare.


All dogs entering our facility for boarding, daycare and grooming must be current on the required vaccinations per our policy.  This includes rabies, distemper and bordetella.  Bordetella is required every six months.  If we do not have current records indicating that your dog is up to date on all required vaccinations, we will be unable to accept your dog for safety and health reasons.  Please email or call us if you are not certain that your records are current. When you do see the vet for vaccination updates ask them to fax the vaccination records to us so that we have the information we need on file.  Fax: 972-767-0075


Our award-winning salon is working hard to keep up with grooming requests.  Please be a little patient for the next few weeks until our grooming salon manager is back from maternity leave.  (It was a boy!! Congratulations to Jesskay - Happy and healthy mom and son).  In order to keep our grooming appointments on schedule, please note that if you arrive more than 30 minutes late, your appointment will need to be rescheduled.

Lost and found:

We are sorry that we occasionally lose track or lose some of your dog's belongings.  With a high volume of dogs and the necessary kennel changes and cleanings, we do mess up sometimes and that is why we provide free clean beds, blankets and bowls.  While we do our best to keep everything straight, we don't accept responsibility for lost items. When dogs are with us they are so tired by kennel time that toys and chews are not needed but you are still allowed to provide them knowing that they may be lost.  With limited space, we will need to donate lost and found items to charity every month, however, feel free to check in with us for items you may be missing.  We will empty lost and found items the last day of each month. 


Please be sure to make your reservations for boarding 2-3 months in advance whenever possible for peak boarding times such as summer, spring break and holiday weeks.

Thank you for allowing us to care for your precious pups. 
We love them and always want you and your dog to have a good experience with us.